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Our Story

Rainbow Nerds

Rainbow Nerds Literary was founded by Jamie Vankirk with the sole mission of bringing more inclusive stories to the market. We feel strongly that everyone should be able to see themselves in books and are delighted to partner with authors to help make that a reality. We acknowledge that publishing, in all facets, is a privileged industry and hope to do our part in breaking down some of the barriers to entry for marginalized authors. As an editorial agency, we strive to work closely with each author to hone their editorial skills and polish each manuscript to its fullest.

Colorful books spaced out on a white table.
Colorful books in the air.


Literary Agent

Like most agents, Jamie (she/her) grew up with her nose firmly planted in a book and was delighted when she learned that agenting was an actual job that she could eventually do. Jamie got her start in publishing with Liza Dawson Associates where she learned many invaluable skills before moving on to create Rainbow Nerds Literary.


She’s drawn to Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction of all genres, and she loves partnering with authors to help develop their editorial skills. When not working or reading, Jamie enjoys playing video games or spending time outside.

Literary Agent Jamie Vankirk wearing glasses and standing before a bookshelf.
Literary Agent Jamie Vankirk standing before a bookshelf.
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